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Discover simple steps to connect better with your audience

How do you communicate the right thing to the right person at the right time? The Buyer’s Engagement Journey is here to help. It’s your go-to tool designed to guide you in B2C communications – and it’s free.

In this ebook, rather than focusing primarily on the buyer’s needs, we also focus on you and your response to those needs.

Learn how to better engage with your target:

  • Understand your audience
  • Identify what they need at each stage of the purchase journey
  • Recognize the gaps in your communication
  • Drive purchases and build loyalty

Find the right messaging journey for you
This ebook will help you identify key communication activities and specific actions that work for your company and your target. By the end, you’ll have what it takes to develop a new marketing communication plan in a simple and cost-effective way.

The more you understand your target persona (your ideal customer’s story), the more you’ll get out of this journey. So be sure to review the company and target persona questions to help with your focus.

About the authors

Marc Cooper

Marc_150pxMarc is a chartered marketer who started his career marketing business trade magazines. In the late ‘90s, he formed his own consultancy to help small businesses and professional service firms bring their message online. In the late 2000s, Marc turned to helping financial service, government and telecommunications clients develop award-winning marketing campaigns.

Dan Mariani

Dan_150pxDan is a ‘Databased Marketer” who has spent his 40+ year career with a focus on consumer behaviour and communication. Dan has experience on all aspects of data based marketing, CRM, and loyalty programs. He works in all aspects of the expanded database marketing continuum – from data architecture and analytics to NLP behavioural communication.

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